Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nocturnal Animals - 1 nomination

Supporting Actor - Michael Shannon

Nocturnal Animals is a haunting film in which we see a devastating crime committed, and the aftermath of associated characters dealing with the fallout of the crime.  Jake Gyllenhall plays a father and husband whose wife and daughter are abducted on a remote road almost right out of his car.  The crime's lead investigator is Sheriff Bobby Andes, played brilliantly by Michael Shannon, as he discovers the identity of the kidnappers (and perpetrators of other crimes which I'll let you discover in the film) and the consequences of taking the law into one's own hands.  Meanwhile, Amy Adams plays Gyllenhall's former wife who is asked to read a book that he has written years after the crime which gives her new insight into her ex-husband.  She is also dealing with an unfaithful husband in her reinvented life of the wealthy elite.

If the plot sounds a little bit confusing, well, that's because it is.  There are so many mix-ups of the timeline that it can be a little bit hard to decipher when Gyllenhall's character was with whom, and in what order the story transpires.  There are also three different portions of the lives we are following, and unless I missed it, there is no year attached to any of it and all of the characters look exactly the same across what is meant to be a 20 year span. Having said that, once I got over needing to resolve my confusion, each story is actually quite engaging and the performances are excellent.  I think if it hadn't been so convoluted in timeline, I would have loved the film.  I heard an interview regarding what happens at the end of the film, and I still don't know why the conclusion happened the way it did, so if you watch the film, or you've seen it, I'd love a comment illuminating me on what transpired.

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