Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I can't believe that I'm having the opportunity to "report" on something so crazy, but for the first time in recent memory, a nomination has been revoked for rules violations.

The song from Alone Yet Not Alone, a movie that had very very limited release in April in only 11 theaters in the country (but meeting the rules of two major markets) was nominated for the Original Song category.  However, everyone was shocked to see this song receive a nomination since it represents kind of a niche market (Christian historical genre) with a tiny release, and no one could quite figure out how it got nominated.

Well, it turns out that a former member of the Board of Governors (and current music branch executive committee member) was involved in making the film, and he sent out emails letting people know that and asking them to consider his submission.  This type of direct campaigning during the voting period for nominations is strictly forbidden.

Mostly the revocation is likely more to deal with the problem of perception of unfair advantage, and no one has explicitly said that the campaigning actually got the movie one of the coveted 5 spots… but no one has said that it didn't!

I got the information for this blog post from an article in the Los Angeles Times, which I'm attaching here.  I'm quite relieved as it looked near impossible for me to find an opportunity to see this movie, since it's not having a large release until June, thereby making my chances of seeing every film before the broadcast better.  By the way, I did hear the song, and it's cheesy as all get out, but also pretty, if you like Christian gospel.  It was hard to sit through for me as a non-Christian, I can't imagine the movie would be much better.

I am not aware of a nomination being revoked ever in the history of the awards (at least in the 30+ years that I have been following closely and reading books and histories of the Oscars), but I'm sure there will be much more news on this shortly, and if it has ever happened before, I'll update you!

Meanwhile, here is the song, if you'd like to hear it.  There is a little prayer from the singer before the song begins.

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