Saturday, January 17, 2015

BEGIN AGAIN - 1 nomination

Original Song - Music and Lyric by Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois

Begin Again is the sweet, yet predictable, story of Greta (Keira Knightly), a young songwriter who has followed her boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine) to New York as his music career is taking off.  Dave is on the precipice of becoming a huge rock star, and she is seeing her songs (sometimes co-authored with him) taking center stage.  When he returns from his tour, she intuits that he has cheated on her and their relationship falls apart.  Meanwhile, music executive Dan's (Mark Ruffalo) career is on a falling trajectory, and his relationships with his ex-wife and daughter aren't exactly stable.  It is at the intersection of these two talents - producer and songwriter - where Begin Again heats up.  Dan and Greta agree to record a unique album together, and their fires are rekindled - bringing her out of her post break up funk, bringing him out of his creative lull.  The great surprise of the film is how beautiful Keira Knightley's singing voice is and I left the film absolutely certain that I would buy her album.  CeeLo Green has an adorable cameo that captures his persona and his sweet side, and he was a fun addition to the film.

Lost Stars, the nominated song, is at the heart of the conflict between staying with one's old life or pursuing a new road ahead; between losing oneself to live another person's dream and letting go to find one's own voice.  It's a great song, and there are multiple versions of it as a sweet ballad, as a pop song, and as a hybrid of the two.  Check it out, performed here by Adam Levine.

Haven't seen the film?  Watch the trailer here:

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