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Animated Feature Film - Benjamin Renner and Didier Brunner

Ernest and Celestine, on its face, is about the unlikely friendship between a bear named Ernest and a sweet little mouse named Celestine.  They find that they need to help each other along the way - him, in his quest for food and shelter and her in her quest to become a dentist.  But, their respective mouse and bear communities have fears and prejudices about the other that are seemingly impenetrable.  Ernest and Celestine commit theft together, and they escape to Ernest's home in the woods.  When they are caught (she by the bears and he by the mice), they discover that each community is more invested in their prejudices than in seeing them as individuals.

On its face, Ernest and Celestine is just a super adorable animated film.  But when you take time to look at the underlying point of the story, it takes on a level of importance that I wouldn't have expected before I saw it.  I have talked in other blogs about how this Oscars journey where I see every nominated film uncovers a hidden gem that I would never have seen without this process.  Ernest and Celestine IS that gem, and I can't believe it took until the second to last film on the list for me to find it.

I loved this film, and I'm pleased to share that it will be coming out again soon, dubbed totally in English by a cast of powerhouse American actors, so it will get more attention.  However, I highly recommend seeing it in its original French before you see the English version.  I promise you'll be glad you did!

Haven't seen the film?
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