Tuesday, February 4, 2014

IRON MAN 3 - 1 nomination


Visual Effects - Christopher Townsend, Guy Williams, Erik Nash, Dan Sudick

Iron Man 3 is, as the title suggests, the third in the Iron Man trilogy.  The movie is a visual effects extravaganza, but still has a fun story.  In summary, a known terrorist takes responsibility for  huge attack at Hollywood's Chinese Theater, but the explosions come from heat explosives implanted in a person.  Iron Man is stripped of his suit (and everything he owns) and he has to rebuild by sneaking into a garage of a cute and funny child who becomes his sidekick.  It's full of incredible visuals and funny quips that are the hallmark of any Marvel movie - the nomination follows a long history of big effects movies (Transformers, Terminator) getting recognition in this category.  Ben Kingsley makes a really fun cameo appearance as the would-be terrorist.

Here's my only criticism of the Marvel series - if you're Iron Man and you are faced with a deadly threat, you don't pick up the phone to the Hulk, Captain America, or Thor (or Black Widow or the arrow guy) and say, "hey friend, I'm facing a big bad evil here and I was wondering if you could suit up for a couple of days to help me out"?  You call Pepper Potts to whine and cry and see if everyone's fine?  Ok, maybe Thor is busy putting out flames in another world, or the Hulk is holed up in India doing medical research, but what is Captain America doing that is so important he can't take a few days off to help his friend?

What more is there is to say?  I'm a fan of the franchise and if you haven't seen it in the theater, see it on DVD, preferably on a larger screen.  

Haven't seen the film?
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