Saturday, February 8, 2014

LONE SURVIVOR - 2 nominations


Sound Mixing - Andy Koyama, Beau Borders and David Brownlow
Sound Editing - Wylie Stateman

Lone Survivor is the true story of Marcus Latrell and his seal team whose assignment it was to go out and kill or capture a notorious Taliban leader.  They find themselves discovered by a shepherd and two teenagers, and that begins a disastrous firefight against a couple hundred Taliban terrorists.  Over time, each of Marcus' team members is killed, as well as two helicopters worth of soldiers coming to save the stranded team.  Marcus is discovered by members of the village who risk their own lives to honor an ancient practice of hospitality and honor where a person in need becomes your responsibility if you find him.

Lone Survivor is a well developed story, and is apparently very true to the actual events that transpired, down to the landscape in which the fight transpired. It's hard not to hold one's breath throughout the film, both because of the incredible circumstances and because of the risk the soldiers continue to face throughout the film.  It reminded me a little bit of the movie Apollo 13, where we know the outcome and nonetheless we are still sitting on the edges of our seats the entire film.  It is not an easy movie to watch, but it is outstanding.

Both of Lone Survivor's nominations are classic Sound Mixing and Sound Editing choices.  Action films with lots of explosions and guns and hysteria are perfect candidates for these nominations. (For further explanation of both categories, see my posts for All is Lost for Sound Editing and Captain Phillips for Sound Mixing.)  They are both perfectly executed in this film, and very deserving of recognition.  I'm only sorry that there weren't additional nominations for this film - it was a likely contender for several categories, and probably came in just short on several accounts.  The acting was superb, the music was wonderful, and the screenplay was well executed.  Lone Survivor is well worth the time.  

One last note: I am not easily lured into patriotism for patriotism's sake, and though I love being an American citizen, I am not the kind who is enthralled by the lengths our military must go, especially when people's lives are put at great risk.  But this film made me very proud of our American soldiers, who do what they do bravely and with great loyalty to our country.  I recommend the film highly.

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