Friday, February 13, 2015


Best Picture - Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Lisa Bruce, Anthony McCarten
Actor in a Leading Role - Eddie Redmayne
Actress in a Leading Role - Felicity Jones
Original Score -  Johann Johannsson
Adapted Screenplay - Anthony McCarten

The Theory of Everything is a biopic chronicling the life and relationships of Stephen Hawking, noted physicist.  Diagnosed at 21 with a fatal illness, the majority of the film follows Hawking's body's deterioration as his scientific theories achieve monumental success.  It is fascinating to watch the science develop which allows him to communicate ever more effectively, until he is equipped with a voice translator, becoming the famous figure we know today.

Lead characters with physical disabilities yet brilliant minds do well at the Oscars, partly because of the challenge to the actor playing the part.  My Left Foot is an example of this genre, and I suspect Redmayne's fate will be that of Daniel Day Lewis', that is, holding the statue at the end of the night. And the truth is that Redmayne will have deserved the accolades, having so transformed himself to become the man he portrayed.  

Also of note was the incredible Original Score, which was the very first thing I noticed about the film the moment it began.  This is the kind of film that showcases a score so well because of the open spaces without dialogue.  It rises to the occasion.

Having said all of this, the film, for me, was good, solid, but I'm not sure that it really deserves to be in the Best Picture category, nor would I necessarily have placed Felicity Jones above some of the performances that were not nominated.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the film from top to bottom, I'm just not sure that without Redmayne's performance, any of these nominations would be where they are, except for Original Score.

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