Monday, February 16, 2015

UNBROKEN - 3 nominations

Cinematography - Roger Deakins
Sound Editing - Becky Sullivan and Andrew DeCristofaro
Sound Mixing - Jon Taylor, Frank A. Montano, David Lee

Unbroken is the real life story of Louis Zamperini, US Olympian and war veteran whose plane was shot down while serving during World War II.  He, and others in his unit, live for almost two months on a raft until they are discovered by a Japanese war ship.  They are taken to a prisoners of war camp, where the senior officer of the camp takes a particular interest in torturing Zamperini.  Throughout all of the challenges thrown at him, Zamperini maintains an outlook in which he is determined to survive.  He is a leader and believes in himself no matter what he faces.

The sound categories for which this film is nominated are basically no brainers - as I have described in the past, these categories usually fill with war movies and musicals.  As a war movie with plenty of action and a strong story, Unbroken was destined for these nominations.

The cinematography was absolutely breathtaking, and it is easy to see how this film would wind up in this category.

Unbroken is a good solid film with an uplifting and inspiring central character.  It was a little bit long and could have used a little bit more editing, but overall, it was well done and worth seeing.

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