Saturday, February 14, 2015

TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT - 1 nomination

Actress in a Leading Role - Marion Cotillard

Two Days, One Night portrays the desperation of a woman whose co-workers have to choose between receiving a significant monetary bonus and allowing Sandra (Marion Cotillard) to stay on staff.  Because her family relies on her salary to get by, she spends the weekend going from person to person asking them to save her job over their own interests.  

Along the way, we learn that Sandra has also suffered from depression and that her challenge is not to let this setback plunge her back into being unable to manage her emotions and her life.  Watching Cotillard find her voice and her strength, even in the face of her own moral dilemma, is a powerful experience.  

The movie is simple and complicated at the same time, and the nomination for Marion Cotillard is well deserved.

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