Monday, February 15, 2016

Amy - 1 nomination

Documentary Feature - Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees

Oh, Amy, you broke my heart.

Following the story of Amy Winehouse's rise to fame and success with her extraordinary talent, Amy is a powerful and difficult documentary to watch.  If there was ever any doubt that a hard childhood and disconnected parenting have an effect on our adult lives, and that the company we keep matters, this film eliminates it completely.  

We literally watch Amy Winehouse transform from a remarkable singer who has energy and enthusiasm for life on her way to the professional top into a marked up substance abuser on her way to the emotional bottom.  We see her descend before our very eyes.  In addition to her personal struggles, we see how the people surrounding her use her for their agendas, with few people left in her life who genuinely have her best interests at heart.  You almost feel like you need a shower after you watch the film.

The juxtaposition of the lyrics to Winehouse's songs to what was happening in Amy's life changed her music for me forever.  This brilliant device used by the filmmakers gave context to the decline we all witnessed around the world in real time, which helped to explain her tragic death.  So sad.  So unnecessary.  So worth the watch.

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