Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spectre - 1 nomination

Original Song - "The Writing's On The Wall"- Music and Lyric by Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith

Spectre is the latest in the James Bond saga, and The Writing's on the Wall is not the first Bond song to be nominated for an Oscar, most recently won by Adele for Skyfall, and is in fact, the 5th Bond song to be nominated.  As always, the song has lots of strings and orchestration, and has suitable drama to do Bond justice.  I must admit that it took my listening to the song a couple of times before I really connected to its appeal.  Now, I can't really get enough of it, especially those amazing Sam Smith falsetto notes.  

At the same time, Spectre was an excellent Bond film.  The next in the Daniel Craig as Bond series, we follow James as he tries to identify and root out the global organization up to no good known as SPECTRE.  The film is a tribute to the early Bond years that were less reliant on gadgets and more compelling because of the stories.  Bond keeps pace with the current world as this evil plot centers around cyber-security and global terrorism.  For a great popcorn film, Spectre has it all.

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