Thursday, February 18, 2016

Winter On Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom

Documentary Feature - Evgeny Afineevsky and Den Tolmor

Winter on Fire is the story of how ordinary citizens demanded change in their country and were willing to make every sacrifice in order to get it.  Ukraine was on the verge of joining the European Union when their President Yanukovych decided to make an alliance with Putin's Russia instead. That's when the people began to call for his resignation.  

The bravery and determination exhibited by these ordinary citizens facing armed militias and police is remarkable.  Even as police purposely shot at medical personnel trying to help the wounded, they did not back down.  Now we know that this is not where Ukraine's troubles ended, but seeing how their relentless pursuit for peace unfolded, one can't help but be inspired.

Bravo to Netflix for this excellent film.

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