Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Youth - 1 nomination

Original Song - "Simple Song #3" - Music and Lyric by David Lang

Youth is another one of those very labored films that asks you to sit through multiple iterations of musings about life in order to get to the point of the movie.  Michael Caine plays a retired orchestra conductor who is on vacation with his best friend (who is writing a screenplay with his quirky and hipster writing team) musing about life.  He receives a request from the Queen to perform a song he wrote for his wife (who is suffering with severe alzheimer's), which he refuses to do without her. There are other characters with their own story lines - his daughter who has recently been left by her husband, a young famous actor trying to get in the headspace of a challenging role - but none is really so engaging or capturing as to make this movie worth it, I'm sad to report.  There is a great cameo by the great Jane Fonda, who represents the conscience of the film in some ways, she seems to say "get over it, this is your life now, stop clinging to youth."  And she looks damn good while she is doing it.  
The Oscar nominated song is Simple Song #3, which is a gorgeous piece of music.  Do yourself a favor, listen to the youtube video below and save yourself from the film.

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