Monday, February 8, 2016

Racing Extinction - 1 nomination

Original Song - Music by J. Ralph; Lyric by Anohni

Racing Extinction is a superb documentary in which activists are working to stave off the next (and 6th) major extinction event in the world's history.  Scientists predict that we could potentially lose half of the world's species within the next century unless we turn the tide.  Using creativity in public spaces and going after the worst actors in the endangered species illegal markets, the filmmakers hope to call public attention to this catastrophe.

The film is well worth your time.  It is surprising that it didn't make it into the Documentary Feature short list, except that category is so jam packed with excellence, it was hard to make it to the final 5. Those who follow the Documentary Feature Oscars history will remember the Director of this film from the Oscar winning film, The Cove, which also dealt with hunters of protected species, particularly dolphins and whales.

Though candidly the song is not really my cup of tea stylistically, in the context of the film it worked much better than it does as a stand alone.  Let's face it though, I'm a better evaluator of film than I am of music, I can only tell you that this song worked in the movie but not so well when I listen to it without context.  I've included the youtube video because visually this version is stunning and makes the song much more bearable.

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